Musings on living in Zürich

I live in Zürich since May 2015. And I try to make the best of it, which is easy becasue Zürich and Switzerland are fantastic.



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  1. Utmärkt idé att starta en blogg


  2. Yeah Sara,

    Valkommen till CyberVarlden!


  3. I think you may suffer more being in Paris, here in a small village on the edge of the Beaujolais, we have had a great welcome and get invited to all the village events. We even have a Swede in the next village who I am sure would say the same.


    • Possibly, I get invited to the village events too. I live in Montmartre, which is still very much a village. But of course, it can never be the same ”feeling” as in ”real” village…


  4. Hi Sara,
    Just picked up your linked in message you sent to my colleague. Please can you send your cv to me eddie.everard@media-contacts.co.uk for Lndon based PR opps.
    Many thanks,


  5. Hi,

    I’d like to inquire about doing a sponsored blog post – about 150-300 words that talks a little bit about fashion and links back to our site http://swaychic.com. We sell womens casual clothing in Berkeley and Los Angeles, Califonia and are looking for more exposure on https://goldkom.wordpress.com.

    Here’s a list of some blog post titles we’ve done in the past:
    – What is Indie fashion?
    – The Latest Styles In Vegan Purses
    – Cute Indie Dress Styles For the Perfect Occassion
    Our budget is around $15 for the post. Is this something you’d be open to?

    Also we might be interested in a small banner ad if the price is right. Our budget is $40/year – something like this:

    Let me know if you’d be open to either or both of these.

    Also if you have some other sites just send them over and we might be interested in doing a sponsored post on there as well!




    • Jeff, this is very flattering but I don’t really see the immediate favourable impact for you and your brand. I have a blog that deals with matters happening in Europe, notably living in Brussels/Paris and social media. you sell goods in Northern California. And you don’t deliver to my area of the world. Also, what are Vegan Purses?

      Other than that – sure I’d be willing but please explain what it would be in it for the both of us.


  6. I’ve been living in Lyon for seven years. I perfectly understand what you mean.


  7. Thomas Pettersson

    Jag saknar dig
    Thomas Pettersson



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