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So why are weekly commutes so scary, again?

When job hunting you come across the oddest reasons for being turned down, one of the oddest is geographic proximity. If I look for a job in the London area, a likely scenario, what is the big deal with me doing a weekly commute? On my dime and time, might I add. As long as I’m in the office 8.30 Monday morning isn’t that all that counts?

Is is this purely a UK issue? It being an island and all?

I frankly don’t understand, which is why this BBC article is so strange for me. While we’re not all property tycoons living in South of France I still don’t see the big thing about weekly commutes.

On the contrary, I see it as a possibility to personal growth and professional development.



Affirmative action for women – why should we need it?

The various Board Diversity initiatives intrigue me. As someone whom promote regulation austerity I wonder – do we need it? And if so, why does it seem impossible for the ones fitting into to the W2M norm by birth to change and implement change? And why are we as women seemingly incapable of achieving this change? Is it really true that we are sifted out in the election process simply based on our gender?

And if this legislation come through, what will the consequences for the boards that doesn’t implement this be? Will the sitting management be thrown in jail? Or will they in their turn retaliate by simply taking the company off the stock exchange. 100 companies were privatised this way in Norway when these measures were introduced.

The autumn promises to be interesting…

And one more thing – in my latest post I asked the question if diversity in the board room just meant more of the same but with a skirt. Turn out I was right: Shattering myths and glass ceilings: launch of database of ‘Global Board Ready Women’

Is working always better?

What do you think?

Having recently been made redundant a new job is of course on top of my ”to do” list. No guessing on that part.

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who runs a newsletter on current affairs whom kindly offered me the opportunity to cover the EU Parliament when he couldn’t be present. It would amount to approximately 2 days per week.

What I am really looking for is a senior position in corporate communications EMEA.

From my point of view this could potentially be a good way for me to get my name ”out there” but I wonder do I at the same time risk diluting my name? I wouldn’t be writing about communications, on the other hand I’d deepen my knowledge on the workings of the EU Parliament.

I am of the opinion that working is always better than not working, but maybe is it better to stick it out?

I have a few interim positions in my CV and this has been questioned by recruiters since it makes them wonder if I am really looking for a fixed position. Which I do.

So what is better? Always working even if it is not ”up your street” or stick it out until you get that real dream job?

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