International corporate communications and public affairs professional with 11+ years experience in private sector, government, and non-profits concentrating on: corporate affairs (government relations, PR, CSR, communications strategy), partnership development, and strategic marketing. Deep sector knowledge within IT, high-tech and engineering. Coach C-level executives in media and press relations. Experience leadership and executive communications strategy development, speech writing, public affairs, stakeholder relations, multi-national communications, on-line communications. Agency review, procurement and management. Internal communications and staff engagement. Stakeholder outreach and management. Strong generalist with long experience from a broad spectrum of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, Investor Relations and Public Relations.

Proven track record of building strong and trusting relationships with internal and external stakeholders that generate innovative and effective solutions to complex issues. Moderator and academic presenter with a substantial number of followers on Social Media.

Vertical team management with up to 20 reports.

  • Specialities:
  • International Public Relations, Public Affairs,Investor Relations, corporate communications, and media relations,
  • C+ suite advise
  • Analysis and strategic advice
  • Managing project teams across culture and geography
    Internal and external communications
  • Corporate social responsibility and Public private partnerships
    Event management and relationship building
  • Optimizing executive and stakeholder engagement
  • Negotiations with senior (public administration) officials.

Cyber Rescue Alliance
International Advisory Board Member – pro bono
January 2016 – Present

Cyber Rescue Alliance is a business assistance alliance. We help our Members reduce the harm caused during cyber attacks. We help Members respond to the shock of a successful cyber attack, to:

  • make decisions that reduce damages, rather than exacerbate them
  • select pre-qualified providers, rather than scramble to find specialist responders
  • leverage our pre-agreed contracts, rather than be distressed buyers
  • continue with their core business, rather than be swamped by attack response

Zurich Insurance Company,
Global Executive Communications Lead – Group Operations and Technology
May 2015 – present, Zurich, Switzerland

Responsible for integrated communications plan covering employee engagement and communications, outreach, media relations etc. Work areas are IT management, Data and Analytics, Executive CIO Communications.

  • Developing and coordinating integrated, forward looking internal/external strategic communications plan for GOT, working closely with relevant Marketing & Communications colleagues, agreeing clear RACIs (roles & responsibilities) for all activities, focusing on business outcomes
  • Working directly with Chief Operations & Technology Officer and the GOT Leadership Team to support delivery of strategic priorities within GOT as well as Zurich Efficiency Transformation
  • Liaising and closely interacting with GOT function heads and their leadership teams to provide communication support for strategic priorities, prioritized business projects/initiatives that are relevant to all of Zurich and aligned to Zurich’s strategy – in line with Employee Communication standards, processes and governance
  • Focusing on relationship and stakeholder management and strategic business partnering to identify and prioritize communication needs and requirements within the functions; develop, regularly adjust and manage a statement of work to prioritize and best meet those communication needs with limited, shared resources
  • Working with the Employee Communications Center of Expertise to ensure resource support, collaborating closely with and across Communications Centers of Expertise and services experts
  • Shaping and executing projects, defining and measuring against Key Performance Indicators (outcomes and activity)
  • Sitting on the GOT Leadership Team (i.e. departmental board)

Communications Manager and Senior Political Advisor – e-commerce, cloud computing, telecommunications, cyber security…
European Parliament
January 2012 – May 2015

Responsible for policy development within e-commerce, cloud computing and homeland security in the European Parliament. Analysis based on technical and policy developments in EU28 and outside the Union.

Key Achievements

  • Secured speaking engagements for Member of Parliament
  • Secured a recurring column in international press on ”The Digital Citizen”
  • Curate column content to several events in Brussels and Sweden
  • Develop Party political standpoints
  • Draft legislation
  • Negotiate with other parties and decision makers to achieve consensus on EU policy
  • Interact with policy media commentators and journalists to educate them on party policy vision
  • Research and analyse issues, identify solutions, advice policy actions
  • Monitor legislative developments
  • Monitor technical developments

International Public Relations Manager
April 2008 – August 2011, Paris, France
Responsible for raising Dexia’s image with key audiences across core markets globally; mostly public sector on sub-national level. Developed Forum for Habitat to bring together global public decisions makers. Event was scheduled to every 18 months with a new subject each time. Audience: mayors, researchers, decision makers and internal. Established co-operation with Financial Times. Set in place and managed the first procurement of global agency services. Secured a budget of €2 million. Internal support, starting at CEO level, was gained through an extensive internal information and communication effort. This was a first for Dexia, it had never worked on a global basis, never worked with FT, never set in place a global PR and communications plan, rarely worked with academia etc…

The European Prize with the European Council, promoted developments spear-headed by regional governments. Managed and organised high-level meetings with Council, wrote and developed promotion material, oversaw translations, coordinated press and media contacts, organised the event.

Communications manager for an industry group for public sector banks.

Key Achievements

  • Programme Director, Forum for Urban Strategies. Budget € seven figures
  • Programme Director, Regional European Prize together with the European Council. Budget € five figures
  • Developed the brief for global agency support
  • Identified and purchased global agency support
  • Managed communications for the industry group for public sector banks
  • Supported the VP of International Relations with the formulation of communications policies and processes that met the information needs of different global audiences thus shaped the way Dexia was perceived
  • Identified, selected and managed strategic partners, agencies and external resources; NGOs, influencers, journalists etc…
  • Liaise with communications managers within Dexia to ensure integration of programmes and strategies
  • Speech writer
  • Account and Budget management

Interim Senior Communications Manager Global IT infrastructure – FTC
Philips International,

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January – March 2008
Developed a one year communication plan for Philips’ biggest global IT change management project ever. Programme consisted of 5 global change projects. The company went from proprietary solutions to off the shelf software. This required change management and explanations what it would mean for Philips’ staff globally. Devised the communications plan, messaging and slogans. Developed briefs and script for all the tools. Planned and coordinated agency interventions. Worked with global IT teams to identify hurdles and find solutions. Coached IT managers in communication. Tools for change communicating was video, on- and off-line help, posters and brochures.

Key Achievements

  • Supported Head of Communications to Manage the formulation of communications policies and process that meet the information needs of different global audiences
  • Selected and managed agencies and resources of the communications team and ensured that the most appropriate and efficient of these were available to Philips IT
  • Liaise with communications managers within Philips IT to ensure integration of programmes and strategies
  • Project managed the programme and planned every intervention for the year ahead
  • Devised slogans and messaging
  • Developed internal engagement and communications material for all five projects
  • Developed new channels for communicating with global desk-based and remote employees (Audience 120,000 employees across the globe)
  • Coordinated content creation and agency contacts

Interim PR and Communications Manager – FTC
AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe,
July 2006 – September 2007
, Brussels, Belgium
Substantially raised ASD’s profile, internally and externally. Established better stakeholder, member, media and press contacts. Launched an advertisement financed bi-annual magazine, ASD Focus, to exploit ASD’s expertise and thought leadership. Readers: international decision makers, industry leaders, stakeholders and organisation members.

Strategic event responsible. Built a speaker roster. Speech writer, internally for ASD executives and externally for ASD honorary president. In this capacity, I served Dr. Thomas Enders of EADS, Mr. Charles Edelstenne of Dassault and Mr. Åke Svensson of SAAB.

Under my direction the PR and Communications department grew and the scope of the position widened; this means that ASD now serves its members better.

Key Achievements

Develop and implement PR & Communications strategy at EMEA level

  • Developed PR and communication strategies and measures, campaigns and tactics to identified organisational objectives
  • Implemented the plan through personal contribution or with the assistance of third parties, PR and advertising agencies as appropriate to promote awareness of organisation to stakeholders
  • Agency management
  • Speech writer

Identify strategic partners for implementation and commercial development

  • Identified, pitched and lead story development and necessary media contacts
  • Worked with business and marketing teams in developing and implementing PR and media tactics to promote awareness of brands to different stakeholders
  • Ensured content consistency while finding the local touch and interest
  • Coached business responsible on stakeholder and media contacts
  • Managed day-to-day relationships with industry, press and opinion leaders

Account, Budget, Project and Team management

  • Worked with human resources executives to create and implement effective internal communications programmes;
  • Reviewed agency performance and negotiated new contracts where necessary
  • Oversaw the company’s, project’s and department’s Intranet and public websites

Communications Consultant – FTC
EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre,
February – May 2006, Brétigny, France
EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre is the non-partisan research centre for air traffic management; technology and policy alike. I wrote the annual activity report. It was the first time EEC brought in an external writer. I introduced a new way of writing that made the content easier accessible for non-specialist audiences while loosing none of its technical complexity thus bearing interest and validity to a technical audience. Content gained through internal interviews and literary reviews.

Key Achievements

  • Produced the annual activity report
  • Conducted several interviews with high-level stakeholders
  • Reviewed research reports

Consultant in Public Relations and Communications
Groupe Altran – high-tech consultancy,,
Brussels, Belgium, September 2001 – December 2005
Groupe Altran is a global engineering company with 10.000 consultants world-wide.

Seconded to diverse organisations like EUROCONTROL, Texaco, Transports en Commun Wallonie (TEC), Mobistar, Altran Foundation. EUROCONTROL was a 2,5 year contract where I was responsible for communication, media relations, agency management for three major European programmes. With Texaco I developed an e-commerce strategy and portal. TEC needed help on how to capitalise on their transport network during off hours. I set in place a communications campaign using tools like media, posters, on-line games. Scripted an in-house training session on the programme. Analysed the Dual IMSI cross-border market for Mobistar. For Altran Foundation I put in place their first communications programme to promote their annual prize, an analysed project proposals as a result.

Key Achievements

  • Developed PR and communication strategies, campaigns and tactics to identified business objectives
  • Worked with business and marketing teams in developing and implementing PR and media tactics to promote awareness of brands to customers
  • Coached business representatives in press and media contacts
  • Devised slogans and messaging
  • Identified strategic in-house or external third-party partners for implementation and commercial development
  • Developed an e-commerce strategy and portal
  • Devised engagement materials for internal and external audiences on using public transports
  • Leadership and executive communications strategy developments
  • Consulted senior management teams on the development of key messages and their optimal deliver
  • Dual-IMSI cross-border audience analysis and marketing plan

e-CRM Development Manager
Ebone – Telecommunication Company
– reason for leaving: company bankrupt
February – September 2001, Brussels, Belgium

  • Developed and implemented external e-CRM solutions & strategies for numerous different customers

E-commerce strategist and Editor
Digital Age Design (DAD),
August 1999 – February 2001
, Brussels, Belgium
Worked with numerous clients on strategies to implement e-commerce through change management and business process re-engineering. Developed portals and web sites on strategic level. Devised communications plans for those customers that needed so. Vertical team management with up to 15 people. European Web Soup was a newsletter covering internet and telecommunication developments in Europe.

Key Achievements

E-commerce strategist

  • Developed and implemented e-commerce solutions to support customers strategic targets and goals

Editor – European Web Soup – online newsletter

  • Edited a newsletter on European internet development, published three times a week, with circulation of 1 300 to international audiences.

Consultant, Reporter, Expert,
European Commission, – short assignments as needed
Brussels, Belgium, Oulo, Finland, Athens, Greece, Karlsruhe, Germany, Nottingham, UK – August 1998 – December 2005

Key Achievements


  • Consulted and oversaw the pilot phase of a project on public administration and innovative ways of using multimedia to facilitate work-flow.


  • Reporter on tenders in the area “Secure Financial Electronic Transactions” within the pan European Fifth Framework research programme.


  • Reviewed several of calls for tender for European Commission on ICT, new ways of working, e-commerce and simplifying public sector administration

General Secretary – Communications Manager
Electronic Commerce Europe – European organisation for developing B2B e-commerce (organisation defunct)
May 1998 –August 1999
, Brussels, Belgium
The organisation was supposed to establish e-commerce in the European public sector. Advisor to board. Devised an outreach programme aimed at the European Commission.

  • Set in place the administration and routines of the organisation
  • In charge of day-to-day association management
  • Started an EU outreach programme
  • Responsible for Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Marketing and Public Relations Officer
Top Manager’s Forum – A programme to implement e-procurement in the Swedish public sector
November 1996 – Mars 1998, Stockholm, Sweden
Conceptual development of media outreach programme. Numerous presentations to civil servants.

  • Informed on the implementation of e-procurement in the Swedish public sector
  • Produced all communications material to be cascaded out to the public sector, media and in-house
  • Wrote a book on the project and its positive impacts
  • Conducted numerous public presentations on the programme and its expected outcomes
  • Web site (Intranet/Internet) development and maintenance

Goldberger Kommunikation
Consultant – Journalist, PR and Communication
October 1995 – November 1996,  Stockholm, Sweden
One of Sweden’s first female Internet journalists

  • Regular assignments with Microsoft Magazine, Internet Magazine, Swedish National Post Magazine to mention a few
  • Localiser, regular assignments for Compaq, Microsoft, Intel etc.
  • Produced a manual on video conferencing

Everyday Communication – Sweden’s first portal
Interim Marketing and Public Relations Associate
June – October 1995
, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Devised their national Public Relations and Corporate communications

Public Relations Consultant and Account Manager for Cisco and Novel Nordic
Andréasson Public Relations,
May 1993 – June 1995 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Nordic Account Manager for Cisco and Novel
  • Organised press events in relation to product launches such as lunches, 1 on 1 meeting with press, breakfasts, press conferences
  • Identified and analysed speaking opportunities for customer representatives
  • Sub-contractor management Nordic
  • Wrote articles in various customer magazine

Microsoft WPG-I,
Localisation and Translation Specialist
November 1991 – April 1993,
Dublin, Ireland
Translated and localised software and manuals for LAN Manager

  • Black team software tester


  • Tele Marketer / Direct Marketing – Management Teams International
  • Junior Project Manager – Public Relations AB
  • Information Assistant – Swedish Local Radio
  • Editor / Writer – Ecofin AB


Master of Science Corporate Communications,
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Media and Communications. Lund University, Lund, Sweden,


  1. Swedish – Native speaker
  2. English – Near native speaker
  3. French – Fluent
  4. German – Basic
  5. Norwegian – Basic
  6. Dutch – Read and understand
  7. Danish – Read and understand


December 2012,  2013, 2014
Brussels, Belgium
Presenter for Erasmus University College

  • Communications in a public affairs environment
  • Lobbying in Brussels, do’s and don’ts

October 2011
Marrakesh, Morocco
Moderator and speaker at the first Social Media conference in Morocco

  • Moderator on SMI 2011, the first Social Media Conference in Morocco
  • Speaker and presenter “Public Relations and Social media” on SMI 2011

IABC France – VP Finances 2004 – 2007

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