When corporate strategy is undone by your employees surpassing identified standards what do you do?

I’m reading up for the last home work piece for my Masters in Corporate Communications, Organisational Identity (and I find it so boring) and one the required articles discuss corporate strategy and how that and organisational identity can support each other. But the interesting issue appear when your employees undermine any strategy by upping the ante and actually doing better than the strategy sets out.

To give an example: hotel maids. You know how we are all asked if we mind keeping our towels more than one night? The request usually comes with a long explanation on how much water this will save, and I don’t know what. But whatever, I haven’t got a problem with the request. Sloth that I am, I admit to using my towels at home more than once so it’s OK to do so when I stay at a hotel too. Thus, I dutifully hang my towels (to be reused) on the designated hook in the bathroom. But, more often than not, when I get back there are new and fresh towels on the aforementioned hooks. Not that I mind, but it seems like the head quarter strategy haven’t made it to “the floor.” There might be many reasons for this; maybe it’s  easier for the maids to change all the towels rather than checking which guest is OK with keeping them, maybe they are disgruntled and this is their only way to protest? Is it because that these employees don’t feel a part of the organisational identity, and that they simply don’t care?

One word, I do not in any way or form criticise the maids.

Whatever the reason this doesn’t work, it does diminish a nice approach, all the calculations and, above all, it makes the hotel [chain] look like they’re not on top of it. Is it lacking internal communications? Is the measure offending the maids in their work ethics and professional pride?

The reasons are many but the question is one: How do you align all staff in the [new] corporate strategies?


2 svar till “When corporate strategy is undone by your employees surpassing identified standards what do you do?

  1. With the shared values and the rest of the 7s model, by living the engagement (the why of the golden circle), by measuring and adjusting, by allowing the implementation to be a process and naturally… communicating the need for change/allignment/change both visually, content wise, by experience, rituals et cetera.


  2. Surpassing standards could be a form of boycott to the corporate norms already set out. It should however not only be viewed from that direction alone, it could be a show of a really self motivated workforce. Being in charge you will be able to tell, though not precisely, which direction this could be headed. Whichever the case a review of the overall strategy is necessary.



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