Dearth of Women in Juncker’s Commission – But Stop Moping Its Competence Not Gender That Counts

In the wake of President Juncker’s announcement of the members of the new European Commission the overall comments seems to be ”Not enough women.” And yes, 9 women out of 28 is far cry from 50-50. And being a woman with certain aspirations myself; I do find it abysmally bad that the Member States can’t do better on the area of gender balance on senior top positions. But there is one question I don’t seem to find and that is Why? I have yet to see one person officially asking why this skewed situation the case.

Could it be that the national senior posts are filled with only men? (An incredibly sad state in itself should this be the case.) Maybe the Member States didn’t look hard enough? Could it be that the women asked actually weren’t all that interested? We simply don’t know. What we see is a bad result but nothing about the process leading up to this result.

What we do know however, that we are many competent women that are out there that are not considered because it does seem to be that W2M that are then norm.

But what ire immensely in this whole debate is the general approach that it is only gender that counts, and because we are women our competencies are interchangeable. Well, here’s a surprise for you – we are NOT! Just as little, actually are men, but no one seems to think that is the case.

So, yes let’s keep our eyes on the ball – a gender balanced society, but let’s not go overboard on the way getting there.

3 svar till “Dearth of Women in Juncker’s Commission – But Stop Moping Its Competence Not Gender That Counts

  1. Dear Caroline, Your blog is posted on isn’t it all about equal access? Europe is in all respects a patriarchal society. To change that we need new infrastructures for equal access to fair income, fair taxes, fair food, fair healthcare, housing and equal access to knowledge sharing, ect….

    Read about our program on “Because equal access means more than equal rights” the 50/50 issue is only one issue.

    Europe needs new infrastructures! and the 50/50 balance would be one part of the chance. The Dutch Womans Party Vrouwen Partij initiated a gender equality in politics contest, everyone is invited to endors the contest! go to and please help us to share the contest.

    Monique Sparla

    Voorzitter Vrouwen Partij


  2. 😉 al we’re sisters… carla, caroline, Monique, Marlies or Sara…..
    I like both articles – reading both in one session seems to me much beter- the essence is connecting of sence, reason, wits – and: equal access over all.



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