When ignorance reigns what do you as an employee do?

Having just joined a new European Parliamentary party I am in the middle of setting up the office which include staffing. Admittedly the situation is delicate because there are in essence two almost parallel organisations: one in Brussels and one in the home country. The Brussels based organisation is rather autonomous in relation to the “home” organisation.

Problem is the home boys want to get involved in, in particular, the staffing process which is very unfortunate since they have little or no insight nor knowledge how the European Parliament works and/or functions. As a result they are recruiting staff that will not be a support to the Member of European Parliament. Home boys have based their needs analysis on the experience they have gained from the national parliament (in Sweden.) Competencies that has little or no bearing on the European Parliament.

So, being a loyal employee I have proposed another set-up that will bring the support in Brussels that we need to do our job. However, it is a bit badly timed since there are imminent changes in the political group to which we belong so this in its turn means that the positions that are currently staffed are by no means certain that they will remain ”ours.” Or in other words we can loose a couple of positions which already have been, maybe not confirmed so at least in the wind. I have received no answer from the home boys, although today I got an inkling of what they thought when I got an email with a wording along the lines “if you just answered my question instead of always obstructing.” To this already rather dynamic situation we can also add the fact that none of the positions currently being staffed are confirmed.Then of course is the fact that the EP has a fairly heavy vetting process, so it is by no means guaranteed that the candidates identified by the home boys actually will be confirmed.

Yes, I understand there are party consideration that needs to be taken into account but in my eyes it is equally important is ensuring having the competencies around that will help you shine. And what party considerations would suffer if you took a minute and asked about the state of play?

So yes, I have piped up. Frankly I think the voters deserve and can expect to get a working organisation. Arrogant?

Or to quote a bigger spirit: “Never be a spectator to unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.” dixit Christopher Hitchens


2 responses to “When ignorance reigns what do you as an employee do?

  1. Ferdinand Tjombe

    Dear Sara, I could not help but smile at your lighthearted comical view of the internal organisational politics in your new parliamentary party. Just imagine how the home boys will suspect you of sabotage when no positions get eventually confirmed after all the drama! Your work place is definitely full of life and not boring at all. 🙂



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