On-line cross-cultural networking – tricky, difficult and delicate…

I have just applied to a great role with a fantastic company. On paper the role is “mine:” corporate communications dealing with Internet, Net Neutrality, Intellectual Property, and Telecommunications, copyright and regulatory issues. How cool isn’t that?

The position is in an US Company, but would be based in the Netherlands, and I have no direct contacts into this company, which I know of that is, hence the cross-cultural networking.

After submitting my application I saw that the hiring manager visited my LinkedIn profile and a couple of days later the same did two recruiters from the company in question. Cool, I thought and waited for the mail that never came. Then I read an article about the company which sparked my interest even more so I put some time into a letter further explaining my enthusiasm and trying my best to answer the basic question all future employers ask a possible hire: What added value would you have to the company?

And yes, I subsequently mailed this letter. It was during the weekend and since then – nothing.

Now what do I do? Start looking through my LI connections hoping someone might introduce me? Cry, swear, be disappointed and move on?


2 responses to “On-line cross-cultural networking – tricky, difficult and delicate…

  1. Ferdinand Tjombe

    Perhaps it might be a good strategy to find a contact that could open doors for you in this company. I think that’s what some real good networking is all about; to help each other. Good luck!



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