Regulating Public Affairs. Why?

Found this recording while browsing, it’s PR Moment’s Ben Smith speaking to PRCA’s Francis Ingham on what the recent UK lobbying bill means for public affairs professionals. “What the lobbying act means for public affairs professionals”

There is the same on-going debate in Brussels. I think it’s a debate that is here to stay for as long as there will be politicians there will be lobbyists. But I wonder is it lobbyists and their activities that needs to be regulated? Yes certainly, I can see that there is a need for greater and better transparency regarding whom meets with whom. But if it is true as they say that almost 80% of lobbyists won’t be affected by this bill I wonder: what’s the use? Maybe it isn’t the lobbyists that are the problem but more an administrative question that must be dealt with, purely administratively, by the different parliaments? And why not? If I as a citizen wants to visit my parliament, or indeed any parliament, I must register one way or another. So why not the lobbyists? This, recurring, question would be solved if parliaments enforced the same rules for lobbyists as for citizens.



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