Interview hoopla

This article on BBC ”Interview abuse” made me think of my own experiences in the area – and haven’t we all been there?

I can understand that employers want to ensure as much as possible that they hire the right person, and yes, it is true a bad CV doesn’t exist but will this extensive recruitment process result in hiring the right person? For me this is more proof that the employer doesn’t know what they want, which is really bad because if we posit that a recruitment is done to fill a void and a corporate need, does not knowing what you want when filling a position bode well for the future for the company as one can assume that the corporate strategies are not that well-developed?

I’d love to hear from you, what do you think?


2 responses to “Interview hoopla

  1. Hi Sara Magdalena – it seems that us poor souls in the UK can’t access the BBC Worldwide site! What a shame.

    However, you certainly hit the nail on the head when you say that an employer who doesn’t know what s/he wants is cause for alarm. Sadly, especially in our field of PR and comms, this is all too often true.

    As an aside – I do enjoy reading your blogs which are often thought provoking and always interesting. Keep them coming!



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