When to update your LinkedIn profile?

When is the best time to update your #LinkedIn profile? Before or after an event?  I am not talking about a job change here because that are sensitive matters, but events e.g. presentations.

Before you’ve held the presentation or after?


3 svar till “When to update your LinkedIn profile?

  1. Both! Before: Looking forward to ”whatever” in a couple of days/weeks/months and after how it was. If you are updating regularly, that is. I don’t update about event at all, in my case it might also be because it is more client events onsite and it is more sensitive. Clients don’t necesarily want their suppliers to shout out loud what initiatives they are doing in training/coaching.


  2. Seeing as it’s a group of students studying communication, It could be an interesting exercise to post about the event on LinkedIn, offering a prize to the student who comments on your post with the most interesting/funny ”definition of communication” before the lecture begins. You find out whether or not they are engaged on LinkedIn (in my experience most students aren’t) and they find out the value in preparation and research both when it comes to studying (in this case), but also when it comes to trying to get your message across – know your audience!



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