Are my interim roles ruining my chances to get a permanent role?

In my CV I have a few interim roles, positions I have worked in simply because that I prefer to work to not to work.

However, when I interview for permanent roles I often get the comment that this makes me look “unsteady, and unwilling to commit.”

Granted I can see it looks like that, but equally correct is that when given the chance i.e. a permanent role ,I haven’t stayed shorter than four years and last time the reason leaving was that the company went bankrupt and I was made redundant. So it wasn’t really by choice.

My standard answers are that I prefer to work than not to work and there and then no permanent roles where on the market (that I found at least) so my choice was to work and to gain experience. As an answer to the committing I can point to the fact that even if it where interim positions I always raised the visibility of the organisation, enlarged the position and if I had reports the staff grew so the company organisation had a better position on its market when I left than when I started and that I look forward to doing so in the position/company we are discussing. I mean one thing we can’t change and that is history.

In today’s market, tying over with interim position while looking for a fixed role isn’t really a problem, but when you are in front of a hiring manager whom maybe have a 20 year career in the one same company it does make you look like a job hopper.

How to counter?

Any smart answers and thinking?





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