How do you concentrate?

Management literature is filled with good advice how to concentrate and to become more productive, whether at the work place or at home. Most of the advice goes along these lines:

  • keep a schedule
  • turn off all machines, not your workstation, but e.g. radio etc
  • de-clutter your workspace, both physical and mental
  • keep your surroundings airy, light and comfortable
  • start early
  • do one thing at a time

The common theme seems to be to discard of all unnecessary “stuff.” Commendable as it might seem is the only way forward though?

I started to ask myself the question in all earnestly when I noticed that for me the best way to concentrate is almost counter intuitive to some of the more main stream advice. Yes, comfort and a de-cluttered work space is good but when it comes to it I find I concentrate so much better if I have the radio on in the background, or even streaming TV series on half the screen and working on the other half.

While I don’t for a second think that these advice have been developed with anything else but for our good,  I wonder does it really matter as long as you get the job done, on time and with high quality results? Isn’t that what it’s all about?



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