Affirmative action for women – why should we need it?

The various Board Diversity initiatives intrigue me. As someone whom promote regulation austerity I wonder – do we need it? And if so, why does it seem impossible for the ones fitting into to the W2M norm by birth to change and implement change? And why are we as women seemingly incapable of achieving this change? Is it really true that we are sifted out in the election process simply based on our gender?

And if this legislation come through, what will the consequences for the boards that doesn’t implement this be? Will the sitting management be thrown in jail? Or will they in their turn retaliate by simply taking the company off the stock exchange. 100 companies were privatised this way in Norway when these measures were introduced.

The autumn promises to be interesting…

And one more thing – in my latest post I asked the question if diversity in the board room just meant more of the same but with a skirt. Turn out I was right: Shattering myths and glass ceilings: launch of database of ‘Global Board Ready Women’

3 svar till “Affirmative action for women – why should we need it?

  1. jacques Nadaillac de Rouge copywrite

    La commercialisation du sexisme en entreprise est une excellente idée, elle est pratiquée dans de noimbreux pays en europe Faire de l’incertitude et de l’analyse du sexisme, une méthode complexe pour se rapporocher de la réalité commerciale d’une entreprise


    • Merci de votre commentaire. Pourriez-vous me dire comment c’est aligné avec ma texte ?


      • jacques vermeulen

        La parit homme -femme est devenu une obligation actuellement dans les grandes entreprises, ce qui du bon et forcment du moins bon, en effet, mme si la personne n’est pas trs comptente en la matire, elle occupera le poste uniquement car elle est de sexe fminin et inversment….. A mditer



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