No trust in trust

Past Monday I received flowers from my sister in Sweden. It was a birthday greeting. The flower shop called ahead and fixed a delivery time. 30 minutes early they rang my door bell. Luckily the care taker saw the delivery girl because I wasn’t home. The flowers were old and have already starting to sag and the note was printed on a reused document, with old text on the back. My sister certainly didn’t pay for this.

Today I got an email from Euroflorist asking that I’d rate my customer experience. As you might imagine I had a few heartfelt words to say. I was given a link on my phone, already here the first hurdle, a manageable one but still a hurdle. Turns out Euroflorist takes their customer reviews seriously and that they want to offer their customers a safe environment to either praise or complain. Nothing can be said about that.

BUT, they use a service from the company Trustpilot. And let’s just say that that company doesn’t do either trust nor pilot very well.

Why? Well, for starters they don’t get their basics right… Getting your basics right is an old-fashioned concept, I admit, but one that works. All the time.

Before giving up and writing to Euroflorist directly, I tried FOUR times to give my input on this rather failed delivery.

First of all I get a text message with a link. Has anyone ever tried to type a longer message on a phone???

Second, I am asked for the delivery number, which is a good idea seeing that it helps with identification, but tell me where do I find that number? It’s not like it is written on the flowers. There is a number in the initial text message but that isn’t automatically reused in the message header.

Third, I have to create a profile with Trustpilot to send my message. Why? My profile is verified via my email address. AND THEN I HAVE TO RETYPE THE MESSAGE ON MY PHONE. Whom dreamt up that? Not someone having usability as a core concept and quality, that’s for certain.

Four, I am doing this on the Swedish home page. Let me just say, if you don’t have the resources to get a Swedish mother tongue writer in, don’t localize. That simple. The verification email is misspelt and the website a joke. This for a company that promotes trust.

Five, I am offered the possibility to log-on via Facebook. Facebook? Facebook is possible the most criticised company when it comes to privacy and Trustpilot think that is a good way to log on to a site touting security, privacy and trust?

Am I the only one seeing the irony?



One response to “No trust in trust

  1. Weird…
    I did not know you had a sister…
    Take care and belated happy birthday,



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