Equality to the unseen. Is equality in the boardroom a utopia?

There is an ongoing debate about women and quotas to boards in Europe – to legislate or not to legislate. Personally, I don’t know. Because while I can see the need for a nudging a change to happen I don’t know if I’d like to be on a board ”just because” or thanks to my competencies and added value.

However, that’s neither here nor there right now because something I’d like to address is the attitude some men have. SOME men please note that. SOME. It’s like women doesn’t count. It has happened numerous times that men have come into this office and either (just like now) plain ignored me: even a ”Hello” and/or handshake or; I’m alone in the office and a man comes in and asks ”Is there no one here?” E-mails are addressed to my male colleagues, questions are deferred to them, it’s like I and my competencies doesn’t count. And I work at the Green group with men whom supposedly have a better approach to equality than say parties on the right-wing.

I don’t think legislation can change this blacking out of women. I mean, how can someone you don’t even acknowledge, see or speak to be seen as an equal?


One response to “Equality to the unseen. Is equality in the boardroom a utopia?

  1. I understand your concern and line of thought, but I truly believe the more women there are the more they can no longer avoid ”seeing” them. So yes, I am all for quotas as a transition! Well, for as long as they are needed. Women should not be made to feel awkward about it. Keep up your interesting work!!



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