The Nobel Prize after a fashion

The 11 December and the day after the Nobel Prize. I will write about the Nobel Peace prize ceremony later because I don’t know whether to smirk, laugh or cry.

So I concentrate on the real Nobel Prize, where brains is at stake. Personally one reason for watching the Prize ceremony is because I love to hear the speeches presenting each laureate. I don’t know much about science but when you get a good explanation it is often interesting.

But what is the big deal in the (Swedish) news papers? Dresses, hair does and jewellery. Don’t get me wrong, I too like to dress up and to see nicely dressed men and women and there are truly some fantastic creations at this event.  But, haven’t the Nobel Prize committee missed something here? This might be the best opportunity in the year to push sciences and research, why not take it? The event is covered in every major global news outlet. It is only through continued learning and research we can build a sustainable society. Here is the best opportunity in the world to push that continued learning and a curious spirit (in any sector or industry) is the basis of everything and while it might not get us to the Nobel Prize, it might certainly be the basis for us to become acknowledged industry thought leaders.

It is true that there are Nobel Prize lectures and televised discussions. But if the Nobel Prize committee doesn’t feel it is their place to lead this effort, why isn’t there a University taking up the flame? Or a private entity, if this isn’t a possibility to push yourself as thought leader in your industry – I don’t know what is.



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