When do you cross the line in networking?

As my faithful reader might be aware of I have applied for a very nice position and am now using this experience to teach myself how to network my way to a new job.

But I find the exercise quite difficult. And it is difficult partly because I want  the job, of course, I applied. But I have also become aware of the cultural language lens I look through in this situation. If I dealt with a Swede I would immediately know how far I could go in my efforts, but because I now deal with someone in the US and a person whom as far as I can see never worked outside the US, I simply don’t know how to move ahead.

This is really the case of putting yourself in somebody’s else’s shoes and try to figure out how a person you’ve never met might react to a [renewed] contact.  I have sent one email saying I applied and that I am looking forward to future positive contacts, he hasn’t answered. If this had been between Swedes I could send an email saying something along the lines ”I sent an email some time ago and…” but now I simply don’t know what to do. And if I should do something at all. The VP in question have not answered. It might be for several reasons: too early in the process so he isn’t involved yet, simply not interested in my profile, never answers to this type of emails  – just to mention few on top of my head.

It might be that I complicate matters and that I should just barge ahead and look upon this as a pure learning experience and just cut my losses. Still, this is a small world and I don’t want to alienate someone just because I’m too eager and don’t know when to draw the line between eager networking and stalking.

Sigh, this is difficult isn’t it?


One response to “When do you cross the line in networking?

  1. Yes, it’s difficult 🙂
    But you’ll get the hang of it.



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