In recruitment – should the cobbler stick to his last?

Are we forever stuck to working at the same type of companies? Are consultants always doomed to be consultants? Big company employees always big company employee? A public servant always a public servant?

I just ask myself that question, when reading profiles on LinkedIn there always seem to be a pattern of the above – you start out as say a consultant, are you forever going to stay in that role? Why does it seem that a willing candidate can’t change from one type of working environment to another? Are the working environments that different? Of course there will be new ways of working on a new work place, there always is.  There will be a period of adaptation, of course. That’s what changes means, so there are no news there.

This is not a new phenomena so it isn’t linked to the crisis and more cautious recruitment policies. It’s not even a new trend, it just seems to be a rule laid down in stone.

So why is it then that it seems virtually impossible to make these cross-over changes?



2 svar till “In recruitment – should the cobbler stick to his last?

  1. Gillian Radcliffe

    I couldn’t agree more. The focus seems always to be on what sector you’ve worked in rather than what transferable skills you have. Personally, I think movement between sectors is healthy for the organisations as well as the individual as it adds something new to the gene pool. Yes, indeed you do need some time to learn the structures, jargon, practices and culture of your new organisation, but this is true even within a particular sector. For example, the ways of working and issues within one NHS Trust can be very different from another so even specialism in a fairly narrow field doesn’t guarantee that you can do the job fully without adjustment from day one. I do think it’s a great shame that many person specifications require as ”essential” the experience of having worked directly in that field rather than focussing on what you can bring as a result of your broad field as a communications professional.


    • Hello Gillian,
      thank you for your comment.

      Yes, and in particular I work in PR and communications and those skills are definitely transferable. But as said Madalina, this wasn’t the right company for me. But then again, if the organisation at hand doesn’t see it as such I will never do a good job and then I’d rather not be a part of the organisation.



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