In recruitment – To follow up, or to not follow up?

This was initially supposed to be a post on networking your way to a new position but while developing it suddenly changed focus to how to best do follow-up in recruitment.

Here is the situation: you are surfing job boards and companies and you find a position that tics all the boxes: tasks, industry, seniority and geographical location. You apply through the company recruitment application. Then normally that would be it, end of story and the waiting begins. And hopefully eventually this brings you a first direct contact.

But I normally take it one step further and try to find a direct contact and send of a direct mail just to attract some attention to my application.

My question is – is this a good idea? Or do I risk being considered as a nuisance and a bother and as a result my application is put in the big black box?

From my angle, by taking the contacts one step further, I show interest in the position and the company, or at least this is what I hope to convey. But recruiters and HR managers are busy people so it might be that I just manage to annoy and irritate. Or do I just send the message that I don’t trust my CV writing capabilities enough to be picked up in a data base?




3 svar till “In recruitment – To follow up, or to not follow up?

  1. Hi Sara. I currently work for a consultancy company where we constantly received CVs over the years. I’m not working in recruiting but in communication/PR and I’m with them for around 12 years. Even though the respective person’s action to establish a direct contact should be seen as a sign of interest, it is usually not taken the right way. Anyway the direct contact is the best approach. In our case for most of the CVs received we try to establish a direct contact since it offers valuable information that is not found in the CV. I hope more will take this approach and consider such efforts for what they are i.e. interest in the company and the job. Best of luck, Madalina


    • Thanks, Madalina. As you say, it is really difficult for an outsider to know how a direct contact will be perceived. I mean I know I don’t want to bother someone, but I can’t be certain that this isn’t what I do. But your testimony gives me hope.


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