EU President – a teacher that finds his feet?

In an effort to keep up with the issues we deal with here at our office at the European Parliament, I thought I’d read up on a paper from the President of the European Union Herman van Rompuy. The document is grandly called ”Issues Paper on Completing the Economic and Monetary Union.”

I read it, and while documents like these by no means will ever get a Booker Prize, I was astonished by the low level of language in the document. Even briefing documents deserve a certain elegance in the language. Or at least their readers does.

The Economic and Monetary Union is one of the biggest shifts in EU:s history and might ultimately lead to change in the treaties. Seeing, then, that these issues can be considered bearing a certain importance, what does the President’s office do? They hand out study questions! Yes, the eager reader read correct – they hand out study questions. I am flabbergasted. True I have never, nor is it likely I will ever become, the unelected EU President so I don’t know the requirements for achieving this position. But can’t one ask more of a President’s office? Or maybe I haven’t understood the President’s brief.

And after we have read and hopefully answered the questions – then what? Will there be an exam and will President van Rompuy hand out grades? Personally, I feel I deserve at least one star just for reading the document.

Because, surely it can’t be that this is the way the European Citizens are looked upon by the EU President? Like a bunch of children?


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