#eastwooding and Mitt Romney

Do you wonder, like I do, if it was intended from presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s communications team that Clint’s #Eastwooding would be the biggest trend on social media? Even during his speech? Bigger than Condolezza Rice’s lipstick mishap? Now I don’t profess to being a specialist on US presidential campaign communications, far from it, but I was under the impression that this was Romney’s opportunity to get better known and show himself as a ”softer guy and real person” and real presidential material, to a wider audience than the Republican party. But somehow I’m under the impression that has not been achieved – this far. The convention isn’t over so things might change.

What I would give to be a fly on the wall when this strategy was hammered out. Unfortunately the accolades and chatter have been more geared towards Romney’s stage entourage than your man himself.

So again I ask, was that intended or is the communications team drawing up strategies along the saying that “Any publicity is good publicity”? Somehow I don’t think so. Can someone enlighten me, please?



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