LinkedIn – can it go back to basics?

My latest post Does LinkedIn actually work? has sparked quite an interest and a wee debate both on my blog site and in various groups. Interesting enough, representatives from LinkedIn itself has not deigned itself to get involved, a rather alarming argument that my suspicions that the barge is navigating without direction holds some truth.

The more I see the more I think that the basis of all the discomfort so many LI members currently experience with LinkedIn is that it has spread itself too thin. You can simply not be a mädchen für alles, you just end up being nothing for all. It is really very boring, but concentrate and stick to core business is really what makes a success of everything in the long end. Trying to snatch just gets you into trouble. There is success to be had in patience, persistence and keeping your eyes to the ball – much as I hate to admit it being of somewhat impatient nature myself.

LinkedIn started out to be a professional, dedicated, source for business contacts and on-line networking. End of story. It was quite good as that. Then I can only assume that someone at LI benchmarked Facebook and its incessant chatter and thought “We should to that too!” Bad mistake. Their latest infatuation with Twitter just add further injury to the already bleeding victim. I suppose it all really started with LinkedIn went public. Members, members and more members at any cost is their mantra. There is ad revenues to be had with us as a base. Fair enough. But if I had been an investor I would have been more careful with my money (which is why I am not an investor) not wanting my investments to be scattered to the winds. I would have expected some long-term return on investment, preferably not killing the investment on the way. Which is what LI and its investors are doing right now.

But can LinkedIn clean up the more Facebook like traits it has gained lately? Should it? Can it go back to basics? It will risk members leaving, which I suppose will not sit very well with a faceless investor or two.

Still that a few members leave, isn’t that better than LinkedIn disappears all together?


2 responses to “LinkedIn – can it go back to basics?

  1. LinkedIn started out to be a professional, dedicated, source for business contacts and on-line networking. And it still is – for me. End of story. I don’t see what has changed so dramatically? If I am disturbed by one of my contacts Twittering on LI – I remove the comments. Like I do on FB too.

    Can you specify your critics – really? What is the core problem – really? Because it is not clear to me….. Really.


    • I think my critique is clear enough. They are diluting their value and annoying its members. As I have said they are loosing out on the professional side. Far too little ”real” value. Far too much buzz. Badly managed groups. They are mimicking Facebook, which bad mistake. Why should we be bothered by tweets on LI at all? If someone has something to say on LI, say it LI. The job ads used to be real ads, not agencies trying to fill their coffers with CVs for possible future use. The exchanges valuable and learning experiences.

      Nor am I saying the change is dramatic, I say it is a creeping change to the worse and it deteriorates the platform.

      Want me to go on?



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