Does LinkedIn actually work?

Why are you a member of LinkedIn? I have been a member since 2008 and in the beginning it was fun and valuable. But more and more I feel that my membership here is just “nice to have.” Like a nice scoop of ice cream – it is really nice, but you’ll do just as well without. LinkedIn used to be a smarter, more executive version of Facebook, no longer. And I’m not saying Facebook have taken over, because you know no one can take FB serious. At all.

It used to be that the LI contacts you got were valuable contacts, the jobs were good jobs and real adverts. Not just a way for recruiters to fill their coffers with CV:s – and what more you got feedback when applying. No longer.

It seems that LI have grown into something mushy, uninteresting without direction.

Before I wrote this piece I did try to read up about LI, because you know it might be that I just have the wrong expectations. But LinkedIn can’t seem to explain themselves what they are for or what they want with the company and its development so it seems like my feeling is universal at the HQ too. I mean if the leader of an organisation can’t explain the organisation’s raison d’être, how can a member?

And interesting enough of the 30-something success stories listed on the LI page for success stories only FOUR are women. Honestly, LinkedIn – is that good? Today?

Don’t I understand the added value with LinkedIn because LI is at loss too? Could be.


9 responses to “Does LinkedIn actually work?

  1. Hmmmmmm…. I’ll have to think a little, sort of digest what you’ve written. I am a big user of LI and do think it has added value – but another platform could do the same, so it’s not unique. In my case – that’s where I keep up/manage/maintain ALL my professional contacts – and I have actually also received business directly related to connections on LI. It need a VERY good reason for me to change – but I am also sure, that if such reasons where presented – I would.


  2. You can maintain your contacts on Plaxo. which is a platform FOR address management and keeping touch. Ever tried it?


    • Yes – and I don’t like it AT ALL. But if you ask me why, I guess I don’t have a specific answer. For me (at the time I may add – haven’t worked in Plaxo for a long time) LI had much more possibilities for additional features; at the time it was updates, comments etc. Now I don’t know – what is the added value over LI in your opinion?


      • Just different tools, for contacts Plaxo seems to work best and it has some added networking tools too: updates and so. Guess the difference is that LI used to pose as a work related network which has turned into some ordinary social business with not much added value. What I see of Plaxo is that it is more the address book you said you need.


  3. Well, I have a contact once told me you have to be LI professional. Recently she promoted a training course to provide people with some tools how to use LI effectively. Of course you can be a light user of LI, but in that case you should not expect to get a huge ”payback”…


  4. I have to admit, that I have been in Linkedin because “it is nice” since beginning. I haven’t had any big expectations here, I haven´t used Linkedin to promote or share my ideas or searching for a job or partners or… Of course I don´t tell that I´ll never do that.


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  6. I hate to say it…but the number of contacts is key to get people’s attention. 500 is the magic word. I have listened to a number of webinars on the subject. One thing that is so obvious but many people don’t do it to put your contact information in your summary. Also keep refreshing your page. Change content on a regular basis to address your specific job requirements and to offer additional information people who once viewed your page may have missed.



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