Communications strategies – it is easy!

The European Commission does it again, another epic fail in communications. This time it is the Directorate for Research and Science that manages to create another turkey. The campaign ”Science – it’s a girl thing” has attracted lots of attention. Smirking attention – and rightly so. BTW, the original video is no longer on the project home page, which is why I have links to it here.

So again I ask – why is there seemingly no [communication] strategy behind these initiatives?

First what is a communication strategy? One way of defining it is:

A communication strategy is a way of articulating, promoting and explaining a vision or a set of well-defined goals

It can also be termed in simpler ways – you ask yourself how to best formulate your message to your audience(es).

 In this case the band of wise must have said something along the lines: all girls REALLY wants to seduce a man by showing off legs and cleavages. Because intelligence just doesn’t cut it. Or maybe it says more about men and their preferences? In anyway, I’d be ashamed to execute this. To but it mildly, the video is an insult to the XX gender, it follows all of the disgusting stereotypes that many of us are trying to break.

The funniest thing is that the Commission Directorate for Research, the originators of this have tried to delete the video. But seeing that the Internet never sleeps nor forgets it is still accessible.

Still, I reiterate – where is the strategic thinking behind this? Is there really no one who can say: This video script is not a good idea, let’s look again and see if we can interest girls for science another way. Can this really be the best way to communicate with this audience?

As I say in the title – Communications strategies, it’s easy and above all you get very far just by using common sense. 




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