Invite an MEP to a reception or dinner? Think twice.

A good way to meet many MEP at once is to organise a mingle or a reception. If you really want to be certain that you get the MEPs full attention a dinner/debate can be a way forward. Albeit these events must be well-organised and well thought trough. i.e. if you do a mingle see to that you actually get the MEP aside a couple of minutes and quickly present your case. It shouldn’t be longer than say an elevator pitch. Presentations are OK even at mingles, as long as you make certain that they are heard.

However, sometimes I wonder if the organisers just had a brain seizure?

Below are a few events to which we have been invited this past year.

  • Cocktails to raise the awareness of alcohol locks in the car

  • Champagne reception for homeless (no, they were not invited)

  • Three course dinner to fight obesity

Tell me – what happened with common sense?


2 responses to “Invite an MEP to a reception or dinner? Think twice.

  1. Do you think any MEPs would come if food and drink were not available? You should get real..



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