As a blogger how low can you stoop?

As a blogger – how low should you stoop? My faithful readers know that the European Institutions and strategic communication, or perhaps lack thereof is a recurring subject. But lately I’ve started to feel like criticising them is a bit like selling candy to children – always a home run. Still it is after all tax Euro at work (or not) so… well here we go.

This post is entirely based on a snippet I found in New Europe and is so astonishing it must be shared …

It concerns EuroparlTV a TV station covering the European Parliament. I got an error message when trying to watch now, which is maybe very telling. EuroparlTV is a station that says it covers the life of the European Parliament. I don’t feel it is a news station seeing that it plans its news coverage seven (7) days ahead. Admittedly it follows the Parliament cycle and much work IS planned long ahead, but then don’t call yourself a news channel.

I could have lived with that, it’s the figures that make me jump.

EuroparlTV has been up and running since 2008, and only three years later it was integrated into the European Parliament portal. It has an annual budget of €9 million. 2012 that amounts to 1,612 visitors per day. They broadcast in 22 languages. Admittedly VERY impressive a and I am certain it means constraints that not many other channels have. However, it still means an average 73 viewers per day, per language.

Somehow I do support the writing in the 2011 budget discharge “EuroparlTV cannot be considered to be a success story in view of its very low number of direct individual users. Further subsidy cannot be justified.”

The result however is that the head of EuroparlTV has started to lobby MEPs hoping for a status quo.



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