Are we PR’s just a bunch of liars?

The question asked by Dominic Ponsford in the PressGazette hasn’t exactly sparked an uproar. But what is worrying – there seems to be no debate about it all. Bar Gerard F Corbett’s ill advised, self-congratulatory piece I have seen only one comment. I am surprised because it is a question which I consider merits taking seriously as well as a discussion.

Of course I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I resent being called a liar, or even categorised as “economical with the truth.” While I don’t claim higher ethics than my neighbour, I have as principle that what information I can give when speaking with a journalist I provide. After all it is a win-win-situation and we need journalists just as much as they need PR’s. So it seems that lying or being economical with the truth is bad practise. If nothing else it’s impractical, if you stick to the truth you can never be “found out” and you’ll never have to worry about having remember what you’ve said. A simple and straightforward way of functioning.

But to return to my initial question – are we a bunch of liars? And why does it seem like we don’t care that we as industry are being called liars? Are we as industry that complacent?

Is the collective silence a result of a collective sense of “they really don’t understand our business”? But how much is there to understand about a truthful behaviour? Or are we not given to navel gazing?

What do you think? What can we do to polish our reputation?



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