Nationality isn’t enough

Working at the office of an elected Member of the European Parliament offers a never ending insight in various lobby organisations way of working. Some are not doing so good some are doing it better.

Yesterday it was time again to get a call from an eager lobbyist working with worthy causes. It is always worthy causes, this time to cap the length of transports for slaughter animals to eight hours. BTW, this is a worthy cause, but still not an issue we are working with so lobbying us isn’t much use.

And herein lies the brunt of my argument – when lobbying go to the decision makes that actually work with your issue at heart. Sounds obvious and straight forward, doesn’t it? But no, we get numerous calls based on the simple fact that we are Swedish and thus should be interested in all issues Swedish. Worst are for some reason the agricultural sector.

Therefore, lesson number one that aspiring lobbyists needs to learn is: when contacting a Member of European Parliament – read up about which issues the person deals with. Nationality alone isn’t enough to generate an interest.


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