Amendment of certain regulations

 Not working in your mother tongue has its sides. According to my friends with English mother tongue I have a comfortable level of working English,  but there are times where you are at a loss.

As my faithful reader might know, I’ve recently taken up a position as Policy Advisor at the European Parliament in Brussels. From a linguistic point of view, a language that during the years has become a sort of ”parlamentish” surrounds me.  When 27 nationalities come together a certain linguistic mix will appear. It

But I digress.

I admit that I live my life in a state of constant (mild) confusion, partly because the above language issues and partly due to predisposition.

Anyway, one of my tasks is to keep the agenda updated, a job for which I have no particular propensity (see above) but it is a rather important task so I keep at it. After all the Future of Europe is at play.

Now to the root of the matter i.e. linguistic confusion, today I got a draft agenda where the following item on a voting list could be found:

Amendment of certain regulations relating to the common commercial policy as regards the procedures for the adoption of certain measures.

Not even a Hollywood script writer on weed could invent something like it.

But what does it mean?



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