Someone gets under your skin – how do you get them out?

You know how people sometimes can get under your skin? And not in the Cole Porter version either, but really so bad that it clouds you completely. This is the case now with me and I try to tell myself to LET GO and MOVE ON. The person isn’t worth all the energy. Let go and use the energy to something useful like homework or chatting with Mother or ironing. And it’s not only a waste of time and energy; it makes you look churlish, childish and small-minded and surely you are a grown up that can be the bigger person? But how come being the bigger person when it’s only you and yourself that’s involved always seems to be the most difficult thing? Is it because you can’t put the blame on someone else but yourself? And even if the “blame game” is most unattractive it does simplify your life.

But back to square one, this person keeps popping up in my mind, in particular when I read something related to the person’s subject matter. And yes, I have to read those texts because they’re a part of my curriculum. Does this incessant popping imply that s/he is a genie of some kind and that there something I need to learn? Or is it a case of clashing personalities? I think the latter.

Whatever the reason, is there a patent way to get people out from under your skin?



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