EU and the Euro and the cake – or a Tasteless badly timed celebration

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The EU and communication has always been a subject by itself. The kindest things you can say is that the EU communication has been developed in a bubble. Or that the results are sweetly awkward. But now I ask myself if the darlings at the Commission hasn’t reached new heights in their isolation. OK, it is very likely easy to get lost in committees and meetings and high groups and DG’s and the lot – but really even a Commission employee must have noticed that the Euro is currently living through its deepest crisis ever. Or living through,we don’t know if the currency will survive.

But anyway, I digress from my subject – EU and communication – is this a good time to release a video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Euro? Haven’t the responsible communications manager heard about 19 crisis meetings the past two months? Haven’t the person in question heard that there is a crisis, catastrophe and predictions that the currency have 10 days rest to live?

In the middle of this, today to be exact, this video is released. Tasteless is what comes to mind. I can hear the reasoning: 10 years! We must celebrate. A video! With moving pictures and flags and blue skies and of course all to the music of Beethoven 9th – it will be beautiful and exiting and we’ll get a chance to push all the good the Euro have achieved.
Well, the BEST you can say about the video is that there is certain robust humour with the video. In particular in the beginning when Mario Drahgi is choking when he is about to explain the Euro’s success.  If you have 10 mins of your life you don’t mind loosing, you can watch the master piece here.



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