LinkedIn invitations to connect

I find it very flattering every time someone not previously known to me wants to connect on LinkedIn. Only lately I have started to say Thank you, but No thanks to several of the invitations.

The reason is that these invites have incomplete profiles and in particular lack a photo. Now, of course an LI profile is a work in progress, I realise that – I frequently change mine myself. But the basic information remains rather static. It is the lack of photo that stops me.

Of course I realise that a photo can be doctored with and doesn’t really mean anything per se, still I prefer an invite from a fellow LI member with a face to hers/his name.

Am I just grumpy and unfriendly or is a basic LI-profile a minimum when hoping to connect?


2 svar till “LinkedIn invitations to connect

  1. Sara, the worst is when strangers claim we are friends, work together or something similar. Get about 50 invitations a week from readers but have to decline about half since they are liars.


    • I’ve asked LI why you don’t have to provide a private email address when claiming someone is your friend. Seems kind of normal to me, someone claims they’re my long lost friend they are sure to have a personal email or at least the possibility to get hold of it. LI doesn’t answer.



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