Social Media one step at a time….

I got this article about airlines and Google+ but the content is valid for all Social Media efforts – indeed for all types of corporate communications efforts.

The article lists seven questions to ask before launching a new social media platform:

7 Questions to ask before launching a new social media company platform

  1. Who is the target audience and how are they using this new platform? Many Google+ users joined due to the initial excitement, but have never logged on much once the initial hype died down.
  2. Do you have the resources to manage the engagement on this new channel? What happens if too many people start interacting with you?
  3. Have you set a clear expectation about the platform – why should people follow you here, as opposed to Facebook, Twitter or other channels?
  4. Which analytic tools are using to listen to conversations about the brand on this platform?
  5. Are you able to segment users on this new platform, between those who have flown you before, those who are likely to fly you, and just the ranters?
  6. What goals would you like to achieve? Revenue? Loyalty? Or something else?
  7. How will you measure success

Those of you that have read my blog know this is my hobby-horse so I’m happy to repeat them. We can never be reminded of the importance of getting the basis right first too many times.



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