Does PR strategy equal common sense?

For some reason this blog post “Six Reasons for PR strategy” have been with me all day. I’ve read and re-read it and there is something about it that bugs me, but I can’t put the finger on what. It’s a good blog post, his posts often are. I mean he is even pushing one of my favourite hobby horses – that PR must support business and not be a stand-alone “nice to have” activities.

Can the reason for my mental itch be that he points to something we actually often miss very often ourselves – the PR strategy itself. Not the tools he’s listing but the actual strategy and thinking behind the use of the different tools. I mean something along the lines: why are we using a press release rather than a tweet? These questions are often easy to answer: who, what, when, how, where, why – it’s really all it takes to make a strategy.

No, just because the building block are relatively simple I’m not saying anyone can develop a PR strategy. On the contrary. I think it’s more the fact that we don’t want to get bogged down with a PR strategy because for us it is “just common sense.”


2 responses to “Does PR strategy equal common sense?

  1. Sorry to disagree, but ”common sense” is not a sufficiently robust reason for doing anything, particularly if you are using valuable client resources. By all means you may have intuitively decided why you are adopting one approach rather than another, but it is important to be able to justify this and ensure that there is a cohesive strategy that enables work to achieve specific objectives. Indeed, sometimes, the PR advice ought to be that PR is not the appropriate means to address an issue.


    • Nothing to disagree about. No, using ”common sense” as an argument is definitely lame and indeed bad use of anyone’s time. What I am trying to point to is that we practitioners sometimes take what we do for granted and that we then lack the strategy instead we go direct to the ”let’s launch a Facebook page” stage but without explaining the reasoning behind.

      I on the other hand really enjoy the thinking behind the scenes so I sometimes put too much emphasis on that.

      And of course, if we want to retain any credibility we sometimes have to give advice that our support isn’t the best here an now.



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