To edit or not to edit?

I’m considering to hire the services a professional CV writer. But there is something that stops me, possibly my unconscious.

On one level I guess the question is – what is “it” stopping me for? And it’s not as I’m a complete stranger to the concept. I did try once and I ended up claiming my money back. But as my German teacher always said “Einmal is keinmal” so maybe I should give it a second try? To get a professional outsider’s view is always good. Being a former a consultant I can relate to that approach.

And I certainly need to professionalize my job hunt and then a CV with a punch and that is easy to read is a first step. But then again. Oh, I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just complicating matters?


8 responses to “To edit or not to edit?

  1. Why did you ask your money back the last time and what did you learn from it to prevent this from happening again? Go for it, but only after you’ve found the answers to these questions. IMHO, in order for this exercise to be successfull, you need a click w/ the person editing your CV (if you’re totally different people they’ll never be able to represent you well) and you need to be absolutely clear about your expectations from this person. I’d be happy to help you define what it is that you are looking for, what you want from the person, etc.
    Good luck!


    • I asked my money back for two main reasons
      1. I wanted a CV that could work internationally and I got one that worked in the UK
      2. I wanted one that high-lighted my PR background but got one that made me stand out as programmer

      So I claimed my money back.


  2. Outsourcing is always good for copy machine maintenance but will you outsource your date arrangement? Will you ask a professional to talk to your best friend or to your child instead of you?

    There are some things where personal representation is needed and important. Of course it depends on how a person values the importance of the personality.

    When you sell yourself at the job market you are not selling a commodity skill-set which is plenty on offer but you in person. Skill-set is an abstract common matter. The person is unique.

    Your experience by itself is not very much interesting, you + your life experience do make a difference for those who will read. After all people work with people.

    In my view any CV should keep the personal touch. Consultants may polish it, help with form and format. But the document should still carry your human touch.

    To make an outsourced job search 100% successful it is needed a PR agency because any CV writer will just rewrite your story in the way he or she thinks would be appropriate for a potential employer. How do we know it was the right view?

    Kind regards.


  3. I wrote my CV myself. I don´t know, may be I´m too self confident or too naive… but I think, that this is my CV, about my personality, about my working experience and will express my skills (including writing skill). And this piece of paper also represents my core values. Because, to my mind, it is important, that you have to share the same core values as your employer. Otherwise the work will be more about pain than pleasure.
    I took a look to you CV. I think, that the ”work experience” part is also very important. This is like a proof that you probably will be able to lift somebody´s horse, may be even more, because you have already done that before.
    If you have intelligent friends in different countries I am sure they can help you and give good advice. I also gathered information about different CV-s from the internet.

    Best wishes!


  4. Yes, I do. I´m sure, that you are a great communicator and PR expert. And you have to ”show” this in your CV.
    I mean, for example, ”I have strong management skills and energy in pursuing projects – many successful campaigns can be of proof. For example taking part of creating EU Innovation Year 2009 national communication strategy , creating and executing communication strategies for ……”
    ”I´m good team builder, organizer and also administrator. I have been head of public relations department of….. for …. years.
    I have exellent writing, editing and media skills – I used to be editor in the biggest business newspaper …….. for … years and I have written several media texts for the benefit of…..”
    And of course – ”I immediately set you on the map as a leading player in your industry. The last company I set to this map was….”
    I believe, that work experience and achievements in chronological order is also useful part of CV. And education. Some personal traits also, for example, ”I am a good problem solver and I like to motivate people…. I have traveled in … countries and…” …and so on. As you are, not anybody else.

    I really hope that you can find some useful tips from my text.

    Best wishes!



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