Is working always better?

What do you think?

Having recently been made redundant a new job is of course on top of my ”to do” list. No guessing on that part.

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who runs a newsletter on current affairs whom kindly offered me the opportunity to cover the EU Parliament when he couldn’t be present. It would amount to approximately 2 days per week.

What I am really looking for is a senior position in corporate communications EMEA.

From my point of view this could potentially be a good way for me to get my name ”out there” but I wonder do I at the same time risk diluting my name? I wouldn’t be writing about communications, on the other hand I’d deepen my knowledge on the workings of the EU Parliament.

I am of the opinion that working is always better than not working, but maybe is it better to stick it out?

I have a few interim positions in my CV and this has been questioned by recruiters since it makes them wonder if I am really looking for a fixed position. Which I do.

So what is better? Always working even if it is not ”up your street” or stick it out until you get that real dream job?


One response to “Is working always better?

  1. I agree with your opinion that working is always better than not working. being out there presents you with opportunities, keeps you agile. The last thing I would think is you are diluting your name by covering the EU parliament, you are adding talents. And it is not *that* far off what you do – uit is still communications. I c/would care less about the recruiter’s opinion – times change and people now switch between part time & full time, fixed and interim positions, being an employee & entrepreneurship. If the recruiter doesn’t understand, maybe you should look for another recruiter. Stay close to yourself and stick to your own opinion, working is better than not. Just make sure your friend understands you will need to quit his job when you have a new one.



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