How do you concentrate?

I’m having fun these days. Yes, I lost my job and that isn’t too funny admittedly, but I digress – how do you concentrate? Are you one of those enviable individuals that instinctively can concentrate?

I am certainly not one of them. Sorry, yes of course – where’s the fun? I’ve started to do a Master of Science in International Corporate Communications and since I’m lucky enough to get high on my job this qualifies as fun in my life. One of the classes I have chosen to take is called “Leadership and Communications” and it introduces us com’s people to the plights of a general manager. Rather quite interesting and certainly very necessary. Part of this class deals with accounting, this is prerequisite in any senior job so that is very good.

When studying accounting I mentally glaze over, there is really no other way of describing it. My mind starts to wander, I suddenly have to fold away that sweater (and I’m challenged when it comes to house chores) and so on. Sometimes I find I have read pages of text even highlighted! But nothing has stuck. When I read the text again it’s like it is a new text. I’ve tried many things: just buckle down and DO it. Concentrate in 15 minutes then treat yourself (folding away that sweater). Turn off everything, hide the mobile and clear the work space.

Nothing works. I got the inspiration to this text while reading the accounting chapter if nothing else this is time-consuming and time is not an infinite measure when we are talking something that is in essence homework. With homework you need to deliver at time and date provided to you.

So I ask again – how do you concentrate?



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