Social Media in Africa and the Middle East

I’m so exited! I’ve been invited to speak at the Social Media Impact Conference in Morocco! Participants are from Africa and the Middle East, a region that can be considered as one of the most dynamic in the world – and I’m not only referring to the Arab Spring. Which, BTW, is a horrible denomination if you ask me. I mean we didn’t speak about the Eastern Spring when the Wall came down did we? But I digress…

I will be speaking about a subject of which I am passionate – Corporate Communications/Public Relations and Social Media and how the latter has changed our way of working as communications practitioners. And I don’t believe that differs too much – communications have the same aim over the world and the tools are pretty much the same. Of course the content needs to be developed with cultural sensitivity, but that goes without saying – and anyway I won’t be speaking about the “what” I’m just on about the “industry way of working.”

You can find my presentation here and any comments are more than welcome.


2 svar till “Social Media in Africa and the Middle East

  1. Two thoughts on this…the ”revolution/protests” in Prague in 1968 is often referred to as the Prague Spring. In terms of labels for Central/Eastern European revolutions that Western media quickly latched onto, I think of the Velvet Revolution (’89 – Czech and Slovak Republics), Orange Revolution (’04 – Ukraine), and the Rose Revolution (’03 – Georgia).



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