While I was away…

As my faithful reader have noticed the blog has been somewhat lacking in regular updates lately. Much due to Life. Noticed how this thing called “Life” sometimes sort of takes over and just prevents you from doing “things”? I’ve always found this a bit odd, I mean life is what we are doing everyday isn’t it? Or is it what goes on while we are busy doing other things?

So here I am back again. And now the blog will change slightly, I will muse more, look more into Social Media, and also let you follow my trials and tribulations as I look for a new position. Yes, for those whom have followed me IRL, things finally seem to have arranged themselves and I can start to look for a new position where I hopefully will have a higher added value than at my most recent post. If you already now have any ideas for me – I’m a taker…

Anyway, while I was away I nevertheless have experienced a change in the Social Media landscape or not even the landscape more the approach as such – it’s calmer in sense. The frenzy that once was has died down and the feeling is now that social media has to deliver business value. As I said from the beginning, Social media have become an integral part of the communication mix. A bit like it was with e-commerce, those of you mature enough to remember when that started, everything was something with an “e” in front. Rather quickly e-commerce turned into something we do almost on a daily basis. Today we hardly hear e-commerce mentioned any longer. This state of affairs is much more difficult to work with, but way more interesting.

As for the musing – there is a presidential election coming up here in France 2012. It should be exciting …



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