Strictly business…??? Is your e-brand you or a professional version of you?

I was going through a friend’s book shelves – yes, there are still those of us that have books – and found the book “Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi.” On another note, I often find that many of these books are really talking about the Golden Rule, a more political correct term might be reciprocity: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or as my great grandmother put it “a closed hand will not receive either.”

But I’m not going to go all philosophical, my issue lies elsewhere. Ferrazzi is talking about how to build long-lasting relationships and that those often start with you helping first. This is so obvious that one need to read; or hear it repetitious or it is forgotten. I have personally no issue with reaching out or to be reached out to, on the contrary I’m happy to help, and no I don’t keep score. And yes, I seriously believe that it is these interactions that make our world go around. In particular in a time when social media seems to transform us from simple PR:s to influencers of various ranges.

However; I have a feeling that it is never me “friend Sara” whom reach out (or very rarely) but the “professional Sara” in my role as PR/AR. Me “personal Sara” I don’t want to bother. As my ex-boyfriends can witness I’m a very private person, I don’t consider myself very interesting – but as a professional I have quite a lot to offer. And I dig in until projects are done or issues ironed out. This might be a question for a psychologist and whom might conclude that I need to work on my self-esteem, but I honestly don’t think I’m that unique. I mean who’d be interested in what I ate to dinner? Not even my most fervent fan, Mother, would consider that piece of news riveting.

Ferrazzi mentions the size of his Rolodex, a fantastic sum of 5000, people he can reach out to when in a pinch. I wish I could ask him personally how many of these that helps him personally, and how many that helps the super-CEO.

But on the other hand, does it matter? Am I putting too much emphasis on differentiating between “personal and private” and “public and official”? Today, when our digital footprint is an inherent part of our e-reputation or personal brand what is private and personal and what is not? Should we differentiate?



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