Longest and biggest wins? – Längst och störst vinner?

I keep coming back to measurement, PR and social media as in particular measurements of PR is something I have been confronted with all my career. For good reasons.

The first time I came across it was when coordinating the Scandinavian PR exercises for Cisco. Looking back I admit it was with varying degree of success… but anyway they used – at the time – press clippings as the only measurement of success or not. And that was fun. At the time I believe there were approximately 20 journals and magazines over the whole of Scandinavia that would write about Cisco’s products. That meant if I achieved 10 clips per month I had decent market coverage. But as I was compared to the UK where at the time I seem to remember they had about 75+ outlets they could work with, so naturally I never reached their number of clippings. I remember in particular one time when there had been a rather large launch, and of course the company could expect a good clip result. In Finland I achieved two press cuttings. That equalled 100% market coverage, not a half bad result if I may say so myself. C’s EMEA PR lead was livid, to put it mildly. Yes, I had tried to manage the expectations by explaining how what the environment looked like. Did it help? Not really.

But how much is perception, how much is managing expectation and how much is simply that PR might not be measurable in the way e.g. marketing campaigns can?


Jag återkommer utvärdering och mätning, PR och sociala medier särskilt som PR, utvärdering och mätning  är något som jag har ställts inför under hela min karriär. Av goda skäl.

Första gången jag stötte på det var när jag samordnade Ciscos skandinaviska PR. Så här i backspegeln kan ag erkänna att det var med varierande grad av framgång … men hursom helst. C använde – vid den tidpunkten – pressklipp som enda mått på framgång eller inte. Och det var kul. På den tiden jag tror att det var cirka 20 tidningar och tidskrifter över hela Skandinavien som skulle skriva om Ciscos produkter. Det innebar att om jag uppnådde 10 klipp per månad hade jag en hyfsat bra marknadstäckning. Men jag jämfördes med Storbritannien där man då, om jag minns rätt, hade ungefär 75 + tidningar de kunde arbeta med, så jag nådde naturligtvis aldrig upp till deras nivå av antal pressklipp. Jag minns särskilt en gång när det hade varit en ganska stor lansering, och naturligtvis kunde C’ förvänta sig ett bra resultat. I Finland hade jag två pressklipp. Det motsvarade 100% marknadstäckning, ett inte helt dåligt resultat om jag får säga det själv. C’s EMEA PR chef var rosenrasande, för att uttrycka det milt. Ja, jag hade försökt att hantera förväntningarna genom att förklara hur hur situationen såg ut och vad de kunde förvänta sig. Hjälpte det? Inte riktigt.

Men hur mycket är perception, hur mycket är att hantera förväntningar och hur mycket är helt enkelt att PR inte kan mätas på samma sätt soma t.ex. marknadsföringskampanjer kan?



4 responses to “Longest and biggest wins? – Längst och störst vinner?

  1. Hi, I am glad I stumbled upon your blog today.

    I agree, there is something really questionable about demanding ROI research in the area of communication.

    I wonder what the whole fuss is about if one has cared for time and money spend on telephone calls or e-mails for decades. I too remember seeing press clipings for the first time in one of the European Union institutions. Just a bunch of copies of press articles with no analysis or context. Indeed, the general approach was – if anyone cared – the more press articles for one country, the better. Seems to me that there – in measuaring pr – the limitations of using the Right Brain were reached long time ago. And the same goes for measurement through Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and the likes today.

    But hey, Cisco is proud of its reputation as ‘Number Crunchers’. Do they understand that this means they are loosing out on contact with the many cognitive strong custumers out there?


    • Hi, in a sense I don’t mind about the ROI. It’s just that I’m trying to find a meaningful ROI. E.g. Cisco example, if we had been measuring percentage instead? I tried to introduce that but that made the UK lead agency look bad so that was a no, no.

      Oh, well you learn by experience and now I try to manage expectations…


  2. Whoops, the word ‘not’ disapeared in one sentence, should read : I wonder what the whole fuss is about if one has NOT cared for time and money spend on telephone calls or e-mails for decades.



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